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We are a multidisciplinary organization. Our Staff and Associates include Energy (conventional and un conventional) professionals, Milhttps://theessayclub.com/ paper topic listitary and Law enforcement officers, analysts having considerable working with the Global Big 4, corporate intelligence analysts, forensic accounts and computer forensic experts.

What Do We Do
We provide market intelligence, actionable advice, practical support and hand holding till the desired level of comfort is achieved. We pride in our analysis of opaque and difficult markets, security risk management, due diligence, consulting and operational risk management.
Why Choose Us

Companies have turned to us to provide professional representation and relationship management. Our expertise local knowledge and networks have helped companies establish an effective presence in Middle India and Japan. We are a leading provider of advisory, representation and services for business focused on entering Indian markets.

In order to give our esteemed clients the most economical and robust solution for their perimeter security need we have partnered with A-1 Fence of India for fencing solutions and Slingshot Security LLC of USA for sensor solutions. All our perimeter fences are very practical and economic substitute to traditional Perimeter/ Boundary wall. They are easy to install, almost nil maintenance, excellent aesthetic appeal with higher degree of safety & security. All fencing solutions give user secure campus with almost nil intrusion at any given point of time. Our sensor system further adds in creating second layer of defence and thus making it difficult for intruders to cross over into the territory.

  • Identify and Analyze specific security and surveillance needs and requirements through the supply of tailor-made products, solutions and technology.
  • Provide State-of-Art global technologies closely meeting the technology requirements in specific applications as desired by the client.
  • Design & Deliver a seamless end to end integrated security solutions to fully meet customers expectations.
  • Embrace & Integrate Legacy Systems.
  • Customise a modular, scalable and open solution to meet current budget requirements and future operational enhancements.
  • Our products and services cater to various sensitive government and private-sector installations.
Key features of our Perimeter Security Solutions are :
  • Augments the Perimeter Security level and ensures substantial saving in costs and recurring expenses.
  • Detects and delays militant, terrorist, or determined intrusions and escapes by prisoners.
  • Detects, delays, deters and denies entry to casual intruders – both man and animal.
  • Reduction in Manpower security.
  • Low false alarms.
  • Probability to detect is 99%.
  • The system can be designed to meet any specific level of security.
  • Most economical perimeter security system.
  • Prevention of encroachment of premise.
  • Prevention of vandalism and theft.
  • Protecting residential sites at key and remote locations.
  • Access control in sensitive areas.

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