Physical Security Consultation

EcoQua provides security consultation services by helping the customer protect their infrastructure and human assets by identify the threats and risks.

We provide the customer a foolproof security solution which ensures
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
    • Complete Off-shore and On-Shore protection systems
    • Multiple layers of Detection Sensors
    • Specialised perimeter Security and Surveillance
    • Command & Control systems
    • Smart Security Fencing
  • Visitor Access Control System
  • Vehicle Management System
  • UAVs / Rotor-based drone for surveillance and Tracking

As part of Perimeter Intrusion Detection system we have various models of fences, sensors and cameras. We make all physical fences into smart fence by integrating various type of sensors.

Type of Fences used are
  • Razor Mesh
  • Anti Climb Fence
  • Weld Mesh
  • High Security Fence
  • Electric Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Barbed Wire
  • Floating Barrier
  • Rapid Deployment
Various Sensors provided by EcoQua are
  • Vibration Sensor System
  • Infrared-Photon System
  • Microwave/IR Dual Sensor
  • Seismic Sensors
  • Taut wire sensors
  • Buried OFC Sensors
  • Fiber Optics Sensors
  • Radar
Various cameras supported by us are
  • IR Fixed cameras
  • IR PTZ cameras
  • Thermal fixed cameras
  • Thermal PTZ cameras
  • IR Illuminators
Various Visitor Management systems provided are
  • Bio-Metric Scanners
  • IRIS Scanner
  • Biometrics based Turnstiles
  • RFID based Door access system
Various Vehicle Management systems provided are
  • Underground Vehicle Inspection
  • Boom Barriers
  • Long Range RFID
  • ANPR
  • Bollards
  • Tyre busters

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