This is an unique product from our company which has the capability to enhance real time images of any camera. It converts vague images into clear images in variety of condition such as darkness, fog, dust, bad weather. It is simple to install


This an advanced IP based perimeter Intrusion Detector which has combination of Magnetic, Thermal and Vibration. Transducers are fully encapsulated in one piece and is water proof (IP67 standard). The Detector is pre-assembled in 3m/10ft intervals. Installation of the Z-MTV multi directional sensor cable is very fast, simple and does not require any special equipment. Ready to mount into any new or existing type of perimeter fence: wire, chain link, welded mesh or razor-type coil. The detector can detect any vibration on the fence which is caused by humans/ animals…


The SCH is an advanced managed switch with edge analytics capabilities, which analyzes and transmits signals from the system's field sensors to the C2 application. The weather proof (IP 67) box contains a single board computer, Lightning Protection card with optional addition for lightning suppressor units to protect all inputs and outputs. The box also contains IO module card. The SCH has capability to analyse all the camera feeds to segregate any false alarms and only forward the actual or true pickups to command control centre for final analysis and…


Z-VIB ALERT is an advanced IP/RS-485 based innovative cutting edge technology for perimeter Intrusion detection and has top of the line Vibration sensor. All Vibration Transducers are fully encapsulated in one piece and are water proof (IP67 standard). Each sensor have individual controllers so that they can be programmed and has ability to analyse signals and decide whether it is be declared positive intrusion or a false alarm. The Detector is pre-assembled in combination of 3m/10ft or 5 Mtrs/15Ft intervals to provide excellent detection resolution within each sensor in the chain. Installation of the Z-VIB ALERT multi directional sensor cable is…

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